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Quran Classes

Online Quran classes is best and easy way for every one around the World to learn the Holy Quran which was not so easy a few years ago. Since these are one to one Quran classes therefore these are very suitable for everyone like kids, students, house hold women, working brothers and sisters as these Quran classes can be schedule at once desired time and days. Another advantage is that mostly Quran classes are being taken via Skype which is available on any device like computer, laptop, Ipad, tablet, cell phone etc.. The best thing will Quran Teaching is that we are amongst those who are most beginner in this field. We started online Quran classes in 2007 and have taught a large number of students whether kids or adults. We also have great expertise in Quran Classes. We also have well trained Quran teachers who know well about Quran classes.

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Features of Quran Classes

Quran Class for Basic Quran Learning

Basic Quran Learning are mostly suitable for beginners who don't know how to read the Holy Quran or they know very less about the Quran. in these Quran classes, we start from Arabic alphabets. You will need to complete Noorani Qaida which will have all lessons which can make a student to recognize Arabic words and make Arabic sentences.

Quran Classes for Tajweed Rules

Tajweed rules are very important in Quran reading. In these Quran classes our Quran teachers will teach the Holy Quran with all Tajweed rules like Ikhfa, ghunna, izhaar, etc..Since these are one to one Quran classes therefore our Quran teachers focus on each and every aspect of Tajweed.

Quran Class for Quran Translation

Since Quran is in Arabic and Arabic is not language for all Muslims therefore it's important for Muslim brothers and sisters to translate Quran's Arabic script in their own language to understand Quran's message correctly. Online Quran classes for Quran's translation will help students to understand Quran and Islam.

Quran Classes for Quran Memorization

Online Quran classes for the memorization of the Holy Quran are very effective and easy. The method in Memorization Quran classes is same as being followed in Islamic centers. In the beginning of the Quran class, your teacher will listen your previous day's lesson then will teach and listen next days' lesson. Due to one to one Quran classes, your teacher will follow you with each and every Quran word.

Quran Classes for Basic Islamic Studies

Basic Islamic studies like prayer, salah, how to perform Wudu, how to perform salah, 6 kalemas, basic payers etc.. are very important for every Muslim brother and sister. We also include these in our online Quran classes. Since mostly Quran classes consist of 30min, we mostly allocate last 5 to 10 minutes for basic Islamic studies.

One to One Private Quran Classes

Our online Quran classes are very effective for all age groups because these are not group Quran classes rather we arrange one private Quran teacher for you in every Quran class, and there will be same Quran teacher in every Quran class who knows student's lesson history and student's way of studying. That's why we are running this for last 12 years.


A silent letter is a letter that is written but not read.


Izhaar means to pronounce the letters from their makhraj, clearly without any changes (without ghunnah).


: If after Noon saakin or tanween there appears letter Baa then Noon saakin or Tanween will be changed into Meem and read with ghunnah.


If after Noon saakin or tanween there appears any other letter besides the 6 letters of Huroofe-Halaqi, 6 letters of and the letter Baa, then Ikhfa will take place.The difference between Ghunnah and Ikhfa is that in Ghunnah a full sound comes from the nose where as in Ikhfa only a light sound comes from the nose.

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